Supporters' Comments

Joanna Savory:
I object strongly to the erection of a mast in Lawn Road. This is a serious health risk to the residents - not least to my tenant who has an eight year old daughter. I am astonished that Camden Council, that has a reputation of being fair minded and 'people focused', should even contemplate such a blatant capitulation to the temptations of a commercial venture.

Prudence Nuesink:
You have every reason to fight this money-making ploy of Camden Council. I have a very tall mast at the end of Maxwell Road and have suffered ever since. I’ll help you any way I can. I can vouch for the pernicious physical effect that mast has had on my life…..

Dreadful news.

Stephanie Dickerson:
I would literally die if I had to live so close to a mast. I have been ill with electro-sensitivity for 4+ years and it has devastated my life. Do not allow these to go up. Do whatever is necessary to stop this..

Joanna Sellam:
Sorry to hear you have this to contend with. I’ve posted an objection as a visitor – I’m from N16. I am willing to help out, please let me know if I can help. I have the DVD Stop Smart Meters which we could screen as it explains things really clearly. I’m able to talk about RF though I have no science background, just aware of the harm it is doing and following it on the internet over the last few years. I’m horrified at the way its being rolled out especially with the smart meters and the mobile masts.

Katrina O'Dwyer:
I believe there has not been enough research done on the dangers and health risks of Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts, so I completely object to this project as I feel I will be an unwilling guinea pig.

Susan Morris:
My son is a vulnerable adult. I am very concerned re negative impact on our health and families.

Joan Lindsey:
I am scared that the mobile mast will have a negative impact on my health I am a vulnerable adult who has just got over cancer.

Matthew Dowdeswell:
This proposal is being pushed on financial grounds with no other justification and at the expense of the health and wellbeing of Troyes House and local residents.

Aleksander Cela:
I see no need or justification for this application. I do not want these antennas on top of my house. I should have the right to refuse.

Debbie Killingback:
My mother lives at no 6 and Is in remission for Bladder and kidney Cancer, also suffers from dementia. We are strongly opposing any positioning of any type of mobile mast which omits amounts of radiation deemed dangerous. I feel that the whole consultation has been extremely underhanded. It seems that the local councillors are sticking together and I firmly believe financial incentives could be the reason. The tenants at Troyes House will unite on this matter and we intend to fight this all the way... Please help us and let's show them that they can't play God with our lives ... Thank you.

Jacqui Butterworth:
Although I do not live near the proposed installation at Lawn Road I feel very strongly about this matter.'I am very worried by the idea that there might be phone masts to close to peoples homes. I know that many people say they are safe but I do not think we know enough about mobile phone radiation to say that and I am really concerned about the effect it might have on peoples health'saying it will be fine is not good enough.

Fiona Sturges:
I thoroughly object to the proposed masts on grounds of residents' health, the unsightliness of the project and the fact that it's wholly unnecessary in an area where the mobile coverage is sufficient.

Joseph Zarfaty:
A great website and well done for your initiative. I wrote to Camden council with strong objection. Please keep me posted.

Sheila, Dominie and Nathalie Clyne-Wilson:
All of us at 7 Upper Park Road would like to join with you and the residents of Troyes House in protest against the proposed masts for Troyes House about which we were only informed by a letter which arrived on 15th September.

We already feel totally oppressed by the autocratic and deceitful methods which greedy Camden Council employs to fill its coffers. Whilst visiting our home last year to supposedly help us in caring for our elderly mother, now suffering from end stage Alzheimers who has been a resident of Upper Park Road for over ninety years, we were reported by the Camden official as having a separate basement entrance for which we three elderly residents now have to pay a double council tax. You will appreciate that this tax of almost £5000pa whilst struggling to cope with the full time care of our Mother has imposed the tremendous stress of financial anxiety on our household of pensioners.

We will of course be registering our formal objection to the installation of the phone antennae but if there is the possibility of additional protest do please include us and we will try to help in any way we can.

Col Spector:
I'm totally behind your campaign - if you want me to sign anything please let me know
Col Spector, first floor flat, 15 Upper Park Road