Troyes House is a totally inappropriate site

Troyes Court is a low rise, four storey block block built in the1950s.

Antennae on the roof would beam directly into the upper floors of all of the houses around them – see images above.

This would significantly reduce the mobile phone coverage achieved as it would be blocked by the surrounding houses.

It would direct high levels of electromagnetic radiation directly into the upper storeys of all the houses in the immediate vicinity. Children are known to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of high levels of EMR and children normally sleep on the upper floors. See here for more.

Troyes House was constructed in the 1950s long before mobile phones. No information has been provided as to what protection against electromagnetic radiation fall out would be afforded to the flats on the top floors of Troyes House, or the residents of neighbouring houses.

Although there is no obvious need for O2 to have more masts in the area, if Camden wishes to make a site available there are a couple of 15 story buildings owned by the council in the vicinity which would have far fewer issues and provide much better coverage than the four story Troyes House.

Troyes House residents include a number of vulnerable people who are known to be more sensitive to high levels of EMR and therefore more likely to suffer damaging health effects. See here for more.