The latest news is terrible..!!

Waldon Telecom made two applications on behalf of O2 and Vodafone to plant six 'phone masts on the roof of Troyes House. Both applications were - quite correctly - turned down by Camden's planning department.

Waldon Telecom then referred the proposal to the Planning Inspectorate who - to everyone’s astonishment - overturned that decision. The Troyes House Residents Group submitted a full and detailed rebuttal of Waldon’s claims to the appeal inspector.  Based on the inspector's published findings this dossier was completely ignored.

Whatever the planning Inspector may think, there are a number of reasons why Camden Council should withdraw permission for the development:

  • Troyes House is entirely unsuitable. It is situated in a shallow hollow surrounded by family homes. The transmission aerials will point directly into young children’s living and sleeping space in some cases with a proximity of less than 40 metres. The top floor flats in Troyes House will be less than four metres from the masts.
  • The government guidance on mobile phone base stations stresses the importance of 'exclusion zones' around masts to prevent radiation overexposure. The recomended exclusion zone can be up to 15 metres depending on the power output of the antennas. Waldon's proposal fails to state the proposed power output of the antennas. Bearing in mind the proximity of top floor flats, this failure is completely un-acceptable.
  • The development is not needed. There is already excellent coverage in the area for all networks and Belsize Park has some of the best broadband coverage - from BT and Virgin - in the UK. 
  • Because it is a low four story building and because of its location the coverage provided will be poor.
  • There are other and better locations for the development. One of these is Belsize Park underground station. Permission for masts on the roof of Belsize Park tube station was refused by TfL because the staff working at the station did not want phone masts above their heads. It seems extraordinary that the staff at Belsize Park Tube can veto a development, whereas the views of people whose home is Troyes House and who live there 24/7 are totally ignored.

  • Camden Council says the Mayor of London wants enhanced connectivity. The Mayor of London controls TfL.
Finally - and most importantly - 
  • The decision to support the development is deeply undemocratic. There were over 100 objections to the proposal including all the residents of Troyes House, many of whom are elderly and frail. They do not deserve the stress the development will cause them.

Camden Council has the power to reverse this undemocratic decision and they should do so quickly, before any more damage is done to the lives of people living in Troyes House and the family homes surrounding it. The roof of Troyes House is being sold to O2 and Vodafone to raise funds. This was made perfectly clear to us by our then local councillor. Raising funds is good, but not when people's wellbeing is at stake.

You can help to get this proposal thrown out by highlighting your concerns in the local press and also on social media and contacting your local councillors. Details are on the How you can help page on this site.

For details about the original application see here.

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