Mobile coverage for 02 in Lawn Road Area

According to Ofcom's Mobile Coverage Checker (type NW3 2XT into the search box) 'you are likely to have sufficient signal to use 4G data services reliably' in Lawn Road, Upper Park Road and all of the area that might be covered by the new installation.

If you look at 02's coverage map which you can find here (just put in NW3 2XT and click on 'masts') you will see that there are six masts in the immediate vicinity:
Belsize Park underground
Royal Free Hospital
Haverstock Road (just off Malden Road)
Queen’s Crescent (also just off Malden Road)
Steele’s Road junction with Haverstock Hill
Fellow’s Road

– and that 02 themselves claim that there is 'good indoors and outdoors' coverage for the whole area and that there is also 'good mobile broadband.'

There is therefore NO need for further 02 mobile phone antennae.